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Hustler G7-144
2 Meter Base

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The Hustler G7-144 is a high performance two meter vertical antenna with 7 dB maximum effective gain for a more consistent pattern, even in marginal areas. Extremely low angle stacked 5/8 wave radiators provide superior gain. Harsh environments do not affect mechanical or signal integrity. Constructed of high strength aluminum and fiberglass for all weather durability.

G7-144 Specifications
Radiation Pattern: Omni directional
Gain: 7 dBd
Power: 600 watts
Connector: N Female
Height: 15.3 feet (4.7m). (1.25 inch telescopic to 3/8 inch O.D.)
Radials: Four 20.25" x 0.375" O.D.
Wind Survival: 100 mph VSWR

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