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Super Antenna MP1D
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Super Antennas MP1

The Super Antenna MP1D is a portable HF antenna covering 7 through 450 MHz. It can handle 150 watts SSB PEP. The MP-1 will fit into a briefcase with a K2, FT817 or any other small rig. It's universal mount allows it to be set up on most any object that is handy at any angle. When assembled it is 7.5 feet high, yet is only about 1 foot when packed down. It has an SO-239. Click here to view assembled.

Operation on 80 meters is possible with the optional MC80 80 meter coil.
We no longer carry the MP1, but still have most accessories below.

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
#6473   FG1 MP1 Frequency guide chart. $9.98
#1974   GB1 Go-bag for MP1 system. $29.98
  MP80 MC80 Coil for 80 meters. view in use. Discontinued
#4064 MP1 TRPD TM1 Mounting tripod view larger. $29.98
#6321   TM2 Super tripod for UM2 or UM3. $44.98
#2618 MP1 FT817 RM1 MP1 to FT817 mount. Radio and antenna not included.
Production brackets are black. view larger.
#2289   UM2 Universal vertical mount. $18.98
#6475   UM3 Vertical mount for TM2. $18.98

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