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Chameleon V2L
Multiband Antenna


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Chameleon V2L
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The Chameleon V2L antenna consists of two individual screw together elements that can be assembled and disassembled in matter of minutes for fast deployment. The lower antenna part is 2 foot long and is made with 3/8 inch premium fiberglass tubing while the upper part is made of a 56 inch long stainless steel whip.

The Chameleon V2L silhouette is slimmer and stealthier than its cousins the V1 and the V2. At 6.5 feet long, the V2L is ideal for smaller vehicles and boats. It can also be used in a base configuration with the additonal of the optional Chameleon CP KIT conterpoise. This antenna can cover 80 through 10 meters, plus 6 meters, 2 meters, 1.25 meters and 70 cm. Power handling is 250 watts SSB. The antenna terminates to a 3/8x24 thread configuration.

An adequate ground-plane system and DC grounding are required for proper antenna performance. The ground plane quality will directly influence the antenna performance especially on 80 and 40 meters. An external tuner is required to operate the Chameleon V2L.

To function properly this antenna requires an antenna tuner and spring (neither included).

Order # Item Description Your Price Order
  UNUN9:1 UNUN 9:1. SO-239 input/output. Includes MALE-MALE adapter. VIEW Discontinued
  CP KIT Counterpoise kit for fixed operation. INFO Discontinued
  AIR TRIPOD Tripod with four-section mast. INFO Discontinued
  OPEK AM-1101 3-Way Single Mount. INFO Discontinued
#2424 OPEK AM-1102 3-Way Dual Mount. INFO $14.98 Order
#5768 OPEK S-56C Carbon steel spring. Required for mobile applications. $8.98 Order
#1263 OPEK S-56SS Stainless steel spring. Required for mobile applications. $12.98 Order

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