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Base/Mobile Antennas 

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COMPACtenna 6M Veh

The COMPACtenna 6M Veh is your choice for base (or mobile) base 6 meter operation.

The innovative (... actually radical!) design (patent pending) is especially effective in NLOS (Non-Line-Of-Sight) obstructed environments such as behind buildings, in garages, behind other vehicles, under overhangs and in valleys.

This inconspicuous antenna is 28 inches tall and coverage is 50-54 MHz. Nominal gain is +3 dBi VSWR:  <2.0:1. Power capacity is 100 watts.

This antenna requires an NMO type mount and coax which are not included. Please see table below for typical mounting methods.

This antenna may also be used as a high performance, compact mobile antenna.
Specific instructions are provided on the Manufacturer Data Sheet provided with the antenna.



Base Conversion Kit
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Coax: (none)
Connector: (none)
Order: #3083
Price: $80.01 $59.95 

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