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Hustler G6-270R
2 Meter/440 MHz
Base Antenna


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The Hustler G6-270R combines the high performance of the famous G6-144 and G6-440 antennas. A sleek, one piece tapered fiberglass radome eliminates the inter modulation and mechanical problems associated with two and three piece UHF radome designs. Made in the USA of high quality American materials, the G6-270R offers 6 dBd gain (8.1 dBi) on both the 2 Meter and 70 centimeter bands for outstanding fringe area performance. The antenna is shunt fed and DC grounded for lightning surge protection and will survive winds to 100 mph. The G6-270R is factory tuned for quick and easy installation. Includes U bolts for mounting to a 1.5 inch mast. (Mast not supplied). Over-size item.



G6-270R Specifications
Radiation Pattern: Omni directional
Gain: 6 dBd / 6 dBd
Bandwidth: 3 MHz on 2 Meters and 10 MHz on 440 MHz.
Power: 100 watts
Connector: N female
Height: 102 inches (2.6 M)
Design: 4 x 5/8 wave collinear 440 MHz and 5/8 over 5/8 collinear 2 meters
Wind Survival: 100 mph

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