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Cushcraft MA5V
HF Vertical

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Cushcraft MA5V

The Cushcraft MA5V multiband HF vertical antenna covers five bands:  20, 17, 15, 12 and 10. This antenna does not require radials and can be quickly disassembled. It is lightweight and is perfect for temporary or permanent installations. (Mast shown in photo is not supplied). Hardware is stainless steel.

MA5V Specifications
Frequency: 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 meters
Gain: 1-2 dBi
VSWR Minimum: 1.2:1 All bands
Power: 250 watts PEP
Height: 14.7 Ft. (4.48 m)
Mast size: 1.25-2.0 inches (3.18-5.1 m)
Weight: 6.5 lbs (2.95 kg)
Wind Surface: 0.82 sq. feet (.076 m2)
Wind Survival: >80 mph
Connector: UHF [SO239]
The Cushcraft MA5V6M kit adds 6 meter coverage to this antenna.
This option is not in stock.

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