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Omniangle Antennas

The Par Omniangle Antennas accomplish what the halo and turnstile started out to do- provide a clean omnidirectional, horizontally polarized antenna. Range tests showed the typical halo to be 5.5 dB out of omni; turnstiles were even worse and lower in gain. Halos attempt to achieve an omni pattern by shortening a dipole and forming it into a circle or square shape. This shortening drastically reduces the antenna's bandwidth. Typical 6 meter halos have a 1.5:1 V.S.W.R. bandwidth under 125 kHz. Our OA-50 has a 1.5:1 bandwidth of 490 kHz- almost 4X broader! On 2 meters the OA-144 has a bandwidth of nearly 1.5 MHz. However, the real shortcoming of previous omnis has been the detuning of the antenna with rain or even fog. V.S.W.R.'s in excess of 5:1 were measured. The Omniangles, because of their wide bandwidth and tip shrouding exhibit no appreciable moisture detuning.

These antennas lend themselves to SSB/CW mobile- fixed station where a rotator is not convenient- net control- and even working the Russian satellites. Their small, light weight size also makes the Omniangles ideal for use where antenna restrictions are in effect.

Of benefit to the portable/rover is the ability to assemble and tune the antenna with no tools. When done, the OA-50 for instance, breaks down into a slim tube 3 inch in diameter and 42 inch long- again with no tools. Construction is 6061-T6 aluminum, stainless steel, polyethylene, and fiberglass. These horizontally polarized, 50 ohm antennas are rated at 160 watts. Please note that the mounting mast is not included.

The image above shows two OA-144's stacked with an OA-50 in the center. Click here for OA-50 only close-up.
Click here for information on the stacking harnesses.

Model Frequency Bandwidth Size Weight Order # Your Price Order
OA-  28   28-  30 MHz   490 kHz [2.0:1] 80 x 76" 3.0 Lbs. Discontinued
OA-  50   49-  54 MHz.   490 kHz [1.5:1] 41 x 47 " 1.5 Lbs. Discontinued
OA-144 138-148 MHz 1500 kHz [1.5:1] 14 x 17 " 1.0 Lbs. Discontinued
OA-222 218-226 MHz 2500 kHz [1.5:1]   9 x 11 " 1.0 Lbs. Discontinued
OA-432 420-450 MHz 4500 kHz [1.5:1]   5 x   7 " 1.0 Lbs. Discontinued

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