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B&W AP-10A

The Barker & Williamson AP-10A is designed especially for those renters and travelers who cannot put up a permanent outdoor antenna, the AP-10A attaches quickly and easily to most types of windows, chairs and tables. It tunes a low SWR with the aid of its counterpoise wire and puts out a remarkably potent signal on any frequency from approximately 7 through 30 MHz - that covers the 40 through 10 meter bands. Power rating is 300 watts CW/SSB. Coverage of 6 and 2 meters is also included (with the bypass of the loading coils).

The AP-10A system consists of: an aluminum bracket with clamp, a 10 foot (3 m) length of coax with PL-259 to connect to your radio, a loading coil assembly with fly lead to tune with, a telescoping whip which extends from approx 22 to 57 inches (56 to 145 cm), and an insulated 35 foot (11 m) counterpoise wire.

In use, the coil assembly is attached to the bracket, and the whip to the top of the coil assembly. The whip is extended, and the antenna is clamped to the window with a large thumbscrew. The fly lead position is selected on the loading coil for the desired band. The counterpoise wire is then unrolled across the wall or floor to the proper length for that band. With minimal power, the counterpoise length is then fine adjusted for best VSWR. Click here to view components.

The AP-10B is similar, but features an SO-239 connection.

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