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Elk Antennas 2M/440L5
Log Periodic Antenna

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Elk Antenna 2M/440L5

The Elk Antenna 2M/440L5 is a 2 meter and 440 log periodic. 2 Meter gain is 6.8 dbd (8.9 dBi) and 440 Gain is 7 dBd (9 dBi). It features 20 +dB Front to Back Ratio. This antenna has a 24 inch corrosion resistant aluminum alloy boom and anodized aluminum elements. Hardware is stainless steel. It can handle 200 watts maximum power on 2 meters and 100 watts on 440. 1:1 SWR 144-148 MHz, 430-450 MHz. Assembly and disassembly is fast (three minutes) thanks to color-coded elements that screw onto studs on the color-coded boom! Two bands are supported from one SO239 coax fitting. No duplexer required, no duplexer loss, no duplexer power limit, no duplexer cost! And you can use all portions of the band without retuning. Changing polarity is easy; just twist the mounting assembly to change from vertical to horizontal polarity. Only 1.3 lbs.

Important Note: This antenna must be supported by a non-metallic materiel. It is set up to receive a 1 inch PVC for the mast support (not supplied). Mast shown in photo is not supplied.


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