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Diamond CP725H
40/15/10/6 Meter Base


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Diamond CP725H
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The Diamond CP725H is a four band (6M, 10M, 15M and 40M) trap vertical antenna with trap radials. Its light weight, 6.6 pounds, makes it very manageable during the installation process and will allow for a simple mast solution. It is 11.8 feet tall and the radials are 71 inches long and can be mounted 360 degrees around the antenna or concentrated on one side if you need to mount it close to a structure. Because of its light-weight and the ability to concentrate radials on one side, the CP725H could be used in an antenna restricted situation where the mast was lowered on its side during daylight and raised while operating during the evening.

CP725H Specifications
Frequency: 40/15/10/6 Meters
Bandwidth: 6M 500 kHz, 10M 600 kHz, 15M 300 kHz, 40M 45 kHz.
Power: 200W SSB (7 MHz), 400W SSB (21 MHz), 500W SSB (28/29/50 MHz)
Connector: UHF (SO239) 50 ohms
Mast Diameter: 1 1/5 - 2 1/3 inches
Height: 11.8 feet
Weight: 7 lbs.
Wind Rating: 100 MPH

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