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Chameleon V1 KIT
Multiband Antenna


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Chameleon V1
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The Chameleon V1 KIT HF Multiband Antenna™ is a revolutionary antenna that stands at a only 8.5 feet tall and contains a unique trap coil design. This antenna is ideally designed for mobile, portable or base station purposes where space is limited. This lightweight antenna system covers 11 bands including: 6m, 10m, 11m (CB), 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 60m and 80m. The Chameleon V1 can also operate on the 70cm, 1.25m & 2m bands (144 MHz to 500 MHz) but is primarily a HF antenna. With an adequate installation, and with a tuner, the Chameleon V1 HF Multiband Antenna™ can operate on the USAF MARS/CAP (3.3MHz, 4.5MHz & 7.6MHz) bands.

Unlike other multiband antennas, the Chameleon V1 HF Multiband Antenna™ requires no changing of switches, jumpers, coils, etc. The simple screw together two-part system (4’2” each) makes it easy to manage, transport and store. It terminates to a standard 3/8 x 24. The Chameleon V1 KIT uses a super-flexible V1 whip design to withstand shock from obstructions without breakage or failing.
The V1 KIT is discontinued. See V1

To function properly this antenna requires:
1. An antenna tuner (RECOMMENDED, but not supplied) or a 9:1 UNUN (supplied)
2. To tune on 40M, 75M, 80M & USAF MARS/CAP a good ground & ground plane are required.

Chameleon V1 KIT system includes:
• 1 Chameleon V1 HF Multiband Antenna™
• 1 Chameleon V1 UNUN 9:1
• 1 3/8-24 Mount Bar
• 1 C Clamp 2"
• 4 25 Feet of 20 g Counterpoise with 3/8" Ring Tongues for portable use
• 4 Steel Tent Stake 8 inch to hold the counterpoise
• 2 Clip-On Ferrite Beads

With these supplied accessories you can easily to clip the Chameleon V1 on: fences, wooden benches, pipes, tripods, masts, steel angle brackets, trailers, stairs, balconies, etc. It will also facilitate your portable DXpedition. It's literally a Plug & Play device! The Chameleon V1 KIT is discontinued. Please note that the V1 element only was available as #5691 (see table below).

Order # Item Description Your Price Order
  FIELD KIT Deployment field kit. INFO Discontinued
#5768 OPEK S-56C Carbon steel spring. Required for mobile applications. $15.95
#1263 OPEK S-56S Stainless steel spring. Required for mobile applications. $29.95
  ELE V1 This is the V1 antenna element only. Discontinued

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