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Chameleon V4
Multiband Antenna


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Chameleon V4
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Whether used in the field, on the highway or in a high-density urban area, the Chameleon V4 always remains stealth and unseen by others. Its ultra slim silhouette offers virtually no wind resistance and will remain stealth. The simple but robust design of the V4 ensures exceptional durability and strong communications capability. The Chameleon V4 antenna is a HF/VHF multiband antenna that is made for serious communication. Hermetically sealed, the Chameleon V4 covers 20 MHz to 300 MHz. Power handling is up to 250 watts SSB. VSWR 2.5:1 or better (3.5:1 Between 200 MHz and 300 MHz). Height is only 56 inches. It has a 3/8-24 thread mount.

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