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Dr. Jack Nilsson N8NDL

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Dr. Jack Nilsson

As an inventor, Dr. Jack Nilsson, N8NDL has been creating out-of-the-box antenna designs for over 25 years. His antenna technology is based on his unique 3-dimensional understanding of electromagnetic radio waves and their interactions with the world around us.

One of his passionate goals, which he has succeeded in, was increasing reliable range by focusing on improving the drop-outs of signal, thereby reducing the fluctuations. His understanding and utilization of polarizations and spatial characteristics in both the electric and particularly more recently, the magnetic fields, is revolutionary. The actual physical designs he has created are radical in shape, and represent a merging of art and science.

Having been with different companies through the years (ComWAVZ, WiFi-PLUS, MPAntenna, CRI) his antenna designs have found their way to a vast array of users and applications including WiFi WMAN, government two-way radio (municipal, state, Federal), military, Secret Service (Technology Medal Awarded to Dr. Nilsson from the USA Secret Service), FBI, Homeland Security, cell/data vehicle (MDT) and indoor (DAS/BDA) systems, commercial two-way radio, amateur radio and scanner use. Each of his many patented designs are unique, and substantially out perform traditional antenna technology.

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