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Diamond X700HNA
2M/70cm Base

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The Diamond X700HNA base/repeater antenna features fiberglass radomes with overlapping outer shells for added strength, strong waterproof joint couplings and stainless steel hardware. On 2 meters it is 4 x 5/8 wave and on 70 cm it is 11 x 5/8 wave. It is factory adjusted no tuning required. (Replaced the X700HA).

X700HNA Specifications
Frequency: 2M/70CM
Gain: 9.3/13.0 dB
Power: 200/200 watts
Connector: N
Height: 24 feet
Weight: 12 lbs.
Element phasing: 4-5/8 wave, 11-5/8 wave
Wind Rating: 90 MPH

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