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COMPACtenna 10M/CB Veh

The COMPACtenna 10M/CB Veh provides great performance for those using the 10 meter amateur band, CB or 27 MHz government/business band.

The innovative (... actually radical!) design (patent pending) is especially effective in NLOS (Non-Line-Of-Sight) obstructed environments such as behind buildings, in garages, behind other vehicles, under overhangs and in valleys.

This antenna is 39 inches tall and coverage is 27-30 MHz. Nominal gain is +3 dBi VSWR: <2.0:1. Power capacity is 500 watts.

This antenna is a high performance, discrete, compact base antenna at the top of a metal mast such as the Larsen BSAKIT (sold separately). Specific instructions are provided on the Manufacturer Data Sheet provided with the antenna.

This antenna can also be used a high-gain mobile antenna (as shown). It requires a HEAVY NMO type vehicle mount and coax which are not included. Please see table below for typical mounting methods.

Workman LPAD-NMO
Workman LPAD-NMO
Tri-Magnet Mount 5" Heavy
Base: NMO
Coax: 12.0 Feet RG-58
Connector: PL-259
Order: #1148
Price: $59.95 $49.95  Order
Base Conversion Kit
Click here for INFO
Coax: (none)
Connector: (none)
Order: #3083
Price: $89.01 $69.95  Order

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