Icom IC-7200
160-6 meters


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The Icom IC-7200 is a robustly built amateur transceiver providing coverage of HF amateur bands plus 6 meters. Power is 100 watts. Features include easy-to-use controls, DSP filtering with 51 passband widths, digital twin passband tuning, manual notch filter, keypad entry, dual VFOs, large display, voice synthesizer, 201 memories, 20 dB attenuator, preamp, 6 kHz roofing filter, RIT, scanning, 1 Hz step tuning and more! The excellent general coverage receiver tunes from 30 kHz to 60 MHz. The meter displays Power/SWR/ALC. Power is 2 to 100 watts (40 watts AM).

Although the IC-7200 is not waterproof, extra design steps have been applied to the front panel buttons and knobs. This provides a measure of protection against water intrusion. There is even a USB port on the rear panel! This radio comes with an HM-36 hand mic, OPC-1457 DC power cord and spare fuses.

Click here for video demonstration [3.1 mins.]

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#2606 AH2b AH-2b Mobile antenna. Can be matched for 40 to 6 meters using AH-4 $599.00 $359.98
#3702 AH4 AH-4 Automatic antenna tuner 120 watts, 80 to 6 meters. INFO $345.00 $299.95
#2715 AH710 AH-710 Folded dipole for 1.9-30 MHz. With PL-259 connector. 80.3 ft (24.5 m). $430.00 $319.95
#3438 AT180 AT-180 HF +6M Automatic Tuner $599.00 $499.95
#2771 CT17 CT-17 CI-V Level Converter. $190.00 $144.95
#1951 Icom HM36 HM-36 Hand mic (same as supplied). $100.00 $69.98
#5146 MB-116 MB-116 Front Panel Handles. VIEW PKG $92.00 $69.95
#5145 MB-117 MB-117 Carry Handle VIEW  VIEW PKG $30.00 $22.95
#5147 MB-118 MB-118 Mobile Mounting Bracket. $30.00 $22.95
#3436 OPC599 OPC-599 7+8 to 13 Pin Cable Adapter. DIAGRAM $70.00 $54.95
#1196 OPC-14573 OPC-1457 DC Power cord (as supplied). INFO $89.00 $69.95
  Icom PS126 PS-126 Matching switching Power Supply 25 Amp INFO Discontinued
  Icom RS-BA1 RS-BA1 v1 IP Remote Control Software. INFO Discontinued
#6569 Icom RS-BA1v2 RS-BA1 v2 IP Remote Control Software. $149.00 $119.95
#5885 Icom RC-28 RC-28 Remote encoder unit for RS-BA1. INFO $296.00 $259.95
  SM20 SM-20 Desk Mic with Up-Down Buttons Discontinued
#5644 Icom SM-30 SM-30 Electret desk microphone with flexible neck. INFO $195.00 $139.95
#3839 Icom SM-50 SM-50 Dynamic desk microphone with flexible neck. INFO $400.00 $299.95
#1672 Icom SP-20 SP-20 External speaker with built-in audio filters. Includes audio cable. $365.00 $269.95
#1696 SP23 SP-23 External Speaker with dual inputs, audio filtration, speaker switch and headphone jack. $330.00 $239.95
#2103 IC100 LDG IT-100 The LDG IT-100 is a great autotuner for the IC-7200. The included cable interfaces directly to your IC-7200 and supplies power to the tuner. INFO $179.00 $169.95
#0983 WCS-7200USB RT Systems
RT Systems Windows programming software CD
with USB-RTS-01 PC cable. INFO
$49.00 $48.95
#4112 USB-RTS01 RT Systems
RT Systems USB-RTS01 programming cable (with Windows drivers CD).
Does not include programming software. VIEW
$30.00 $29.95
#5251 Nifty Mini Manual MINI MANUAL Nifty spiral bound mini-manual contains 12 laminated pages [4.5 x 8 inch]. VIEW. $18.95 $16.95

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