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Yaesu FT-2000
100W Internal PS

Yaesu FT-2000D
200W External PS

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Discontinued HF Amateur Transceivers 

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Yaesu FT-2000

The Yaesu FT-2000 follows in the tradition of venerable FT-1000 series, and incorporates an amazing number of advanced features from the FT-9000 series. The FT-2000 provides a full 100 watts of power output (AM: 25 Watts) on the 160-6 Meter Amateur bands, and the U.S. version includes a special memory bank containing the five 60-meter channels, as well. Superb continuous receive from 30 kHz to 60 MHz is provided. The receiver front-end includes VRF (Variable RF Tuning) preselector which works in conjunction with a bank of fixed bandpass filters. This provides a front-line defense against strong out of band signals. The result is improved dynamic range and a higher intercept point than other designs. The First IF roofing filters (3/6/15 kHz) increase dynamic range in crowded band conditions. Variable IF Width and IF Shift allow precise interference rejection, and the receiver DSP also includes an Auto-Notch, Manual Notch, Digital Noise Reduction, and a continuously-variable passband Contour control. The WIDTH control has a mode-determined adjustment range of 200 Hz – 4 kHz for SSB, and 25 Hz to 2.4 kHz on CW, and a mode-optimized “Narrow” key provides one-touch narrowing of the bandwidth to a user-determined preset value. You can also tailor your transmit signal. You have tremendous control over the fidelity and/or “talk power” of your SSB signal, thanks to the variable SSB bandwidth capability in the Menu. The default bandwidth is 2.4 kHz (300 – 2400 Hz @ -6 dB), but you also have selections of 50 – 3000 Hz, 100 – 2900 Hz, 200 – 2800 Hz and 400 – 2600 Hz, allowing you to select the bandwidth best suiting your operating needs. The DMU-2000 Data Management Unit shown above is optional. This radio comes with the MH-31B8 hand mic.

This transceiver is available in two configurations:
   Yaesu FT-2000:    A 100 watt version with internal power supply.
   Yaesu FT-2000D: A 200 watt version with external power supply (supplied).

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
    CT-119 Programming upgrade cable Discontinued
  Yaesu DMU-2000 DMU-2000 Data management unit (requires computer monitor and keyboard not supplied). INFO Discontinued
  FH2 FH-2 Remote wired keypad controller. VIEW Not in stock
  MD100A8X MD-100A8X Desktop microphone. Discontinued
  MD200A8X MD-200A8X Ultra fidelity desktop dynamic microphone. Discontinued
   MH31b8 MH-31B8 Hand mic with Up/Down [as supplied]. VIEW Not currently stocked
  Yaesu MTU MTU- 160 External µ-Tuning unit for   160 meters (requires RF MU 2000). INFO Discontinued
  Yaesu MTU MTU-80/40 External µ-Tuning unit for 80/40 meters (requires RF MU 2000). INFO Discontinued
  Yaesu MTU MTU-30/20 External µ-Tuning unit for 30/20 meters (requires RF MU 2000). INFO Discontinued
    RF MU 2000 MTU housing (required to house a single MTU unit). Special order. Discontinued
   SCU-17 SCU-17 USB Interface Unit (Requires SCU-21 cable). Not currently stocked
  SCU-17 SCU-21 Cable to connect the SCU-17 to the FT-2000. INFO Discontinued
  SP2000 SP-2000 External speaker with audio filtration. INFO Not in stock
  Yaesu YF-122C YF-122C Collins 500 Hz CW filter (for sub receiver).
[Only one filter may be installed]
  Yaesu YF-122CN YF-122CN Collins 300 Hz CW filter (for sub receiver).
[Only one filter may be installed]
  IF2000 RFspace IF2000 IF interface board. INFO Discontinued

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