Yaesu FT-1000D
160-10M 120 VAC

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Yaesu FT-1000D

  • Adjustable power up to 200 watts
  • Five Direct Digital Synthesizers
  • QRM Rejection Systems
  • 100 Memories
  • Optimized Digital Communications Modes
  • Simultaneous Dual (Unlimited) Frequency Reception
  • Flexible Mode and IF Filter
  • Automatic Antenna Tuner with 39 memories
  • Special Features for CW Operation
  • Enhanced Integration = Simplified Control

The new Yaesu FT-1000D was designed sparing no effort or expense for optimum performance and operability. The FT-1000 is the fruit of over 25,000 man-hours of intensive research and development by Yaesu's top design engineers. Instead of merely offering incremental improvements on existing designs or adding bells and whistles to an old model, the FT-1000 project involves a wholly new approach to the application of the latest digital and RF technologies to today's most demanding needs of the HF bands.

Extensive surface-mount component technology allowed six microprocessors and five Direct Digital Synthesizers to be harmoniously integrated with a simple operator interface into a highly reliable full-featured HF application. The quad conversion (triple for FM) receiver covers 100 kHz to 30 MHz. With MH-1C8 hand mic.

The basic FT-1000 does not have the following options included in the FT-1000D model: BFP1, TCXO1, XF-B, XF-C, XF-D, XF-E.

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  BPF1 BPF-1 Band pass filter module for FT-1000 (included in FT-1000D). INFO Discontinued
  DVS2 DVS-2 Digital voice recorder. Use as either continuous receive recorder or mic audio recorder. Discontinued
  FIF232 FIF-232C CAT interface for RS-232C. INFO Discontinued
  MD100A8X MD-100A8X Desktop microphone. Discontinued
  SP5 SP-5 External speaker with filter. INFO Discontinued
  SP8 SP-8 External speaker with filter. Discontinued
  TCXO1 TCXO-1 High stability TCXO for FT-1000 (included in FT-1000D). INFO Discontinued
    XF-455MC CW Crystal Filter 600 Hz. [455 kHz IF] Discontinued
  YF110CN YF-110CN Filter 250 Hz CW (455 kHz IF) Discontinued
   YH77STA YH-77STA Stereo headphones. Not currently stocked

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FT1000D #0275 90-03 D000/000 Q000/000 JP 06/16
FT1000   #XXXX 90-03 D000/000 Q000/000 JP 10/20