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Yaesu FT-450
160-6 Meters

Yaesu FT-450AT
160-6 Meters
with ATU-450 Tuner


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Yaesu FT-450

  • 400 MHz built-in IF DSP
  • Built-in Electronic Keyer
  • LCD Multi-function Display.
  • Bar-Graph Metering
  • Built-in TCXO ± 1 PPM/hour (after warmup)
  • AGC Fast-Slow-Auto-Off Selection.
  • Clarifier adjustment
  • Dedicated Data Jack for FSK-RTTY
  • User functions configurable by menu
  • Digital voice announcement of frequency, mode and S-meter
  • 500 Regular Memories and Two voice memories
  • CW Beacon function
  • 10 kHz Roofing Filter

The Yaesu FT-450 provides world class performance in an easy to use, compact package. It employs state of the art IF DSP technology to bring an array of advanced features to the operator. Transmit frequency coverage includes 160 to 6 meters. The receive range is 30 kHz to 54 MHz. Power output is 100 watts on HF and 6 meters. Operating modes include USB, LSB, CW, AM and FM.

9 x 3.3 x 8.5 inches 7.9 lbs. The FT-450 comes with:  MH-67A8J hand mic, mic clip and DC power cord. It requires 13.8 VDC at 22 Amps. There is an optional, internally mounted ATU-450 automatic tuner available.

The Yaesu FT-450AT version has the ATU-450 automatic tuner factory installed.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  ATU450 ATU-450 Internal automatic antenna tuner (160-6M) INFO Discontinued
    ATAS-120A Active tuning motorized mobile antenna. INFO Not in stock
  ATBK100 ATBK-100 VHF-UHF antenna base/counterpoise kit for ATAS-120A. Not in stock
  CT118 CT-118 Control cable from the radio to the VL1000 amplifier. INFO Not currently stocked
   CT39A CT-39A Packet cable. VIEW Not in stock
  fc30 FC-30 Automatic antenna tuner. INFO Not currently stocked
  fc40 FC-40 External automatic antenna tuner. INFO Not in stock
   FP1023 FP-1023 Switching power supply 23 Amp.
120/240 VAC.
Not in stock
   FP1030A FP-1030A Linear power supply 30 Amp.
120 VAC
Not in stock
  MD100A8X MD-100A8X Desktop microphone. Discontinued
  MD200A8X MD-200A8X Ultra fidelity desktop dynamic microphone. Discontinued
   MH31A8J MH-31A8J Hand mic with Up, Down and Fast buttons. INFO Discontinued
   MH36E8J MH-36E8J DTMF Hand mic Not in stock
    MH-67A8J Hand mic [as supplied] Discontinued
  MHG1 MHG-1 Carry Handle Not currently stocked
  MMB90 MMB-90 Mobile mounting bracket. INFO Discontinued
   SCU-28 SCU-28 Linear amp connection cable 6 foot (10 pin to bare wires). INFO Not in stock
  T9023725 T9023725 DC power cable fused. 4 pin MOLEX. Discontinued
  T9023725 T9025225B DC power cable fused. 4 pin MOLEX. Discontinued
   T9023725 T9025225C DC power cable fused. 4 pin MOLEX. Not in stock
     RT Systems ADMS-450 Windows 7/8/10 mini software CD with USB-63 PC cable. Not in stock
#6623 C116 C-116 Carry case for large and mid-sized HF rigs.
$99.95 $29.98 Order
  Nifty Mini Manual MINI MANUAL Nifty spiral bound mini-manual for FT-450 contains 17 laminated pages [4.5 x 8 inch]. VIEW Discontinued
   Nifty Mini Manual MINI MANUAL Nifty spiral bound mini-manual for FT-450/450D contains 17 laminated pages [4.5 x 8 inch]. VIEW Not in stock

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#0450 07-10 D[1080] 800/600 Q000/000 JP 04/22
#0451 07-10 D[1200] 900/700 Q310/410 JP 04/21