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Icom IC-7000
Rear Panel

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7000rear panel

The IC-7000 Rear Panel has two SO-239 antenna jacks. Antenna 1 is for HF/6 Meters and Antenna 2 is for 2 Meters/70 cm. The 12 VDC input jack is the Molex type. Use the supplied DC power cord to connect to an appropriate 12 volt vehicle power source or optional power supply. The data jack is a six pin MINI DIN plug for easy connection to a TNC (not supplied). The ACC jack is provides convenient connection to amplifiers and other ancillary devices. Optional OPC-599 required.

There is a (NTSC) composite video output jack on the rear panel that allows you to view a magnified display on an external monitor (monitor not supplied). This jack is a 1/8th inch (3.5mm) mono mini jack. This would require a composite video monitor or a TV with composite video input. In most case you would therefore need a cable with a 1/8 mini male at one end and an RCA phono plug at the other end. Please note that the IC-7000 will not feed an RGB, VGA or HDMI monitor.

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