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Icom IC-703Plus-15
160-6 meters


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Icom 703

  • General Coverage Receive
  • Alpha memories
  • RIT
  • Preamp/ATT
  • VFO A/B
  • 1 Hz Display
  • IF Shift
  • DSP Auto Notch and Noise Reduction
  • SWR Analyzer
  • Menu Configurable

The Icom IC-703 Plus all-mode transceiver delivers efficient QRP operation on HF (160-10 meters) and 6 meters. Output can be set for 10, 5, 2.5, 1 or 0.5 watts. Energy conservation is realized by lowering the power source voltage and this rig draws only 300 ma in Standby mode, not 2 amps like some other radios. Many features, usually extra charge, are built-in including: automatic antenna tuner, AF DSP, memory keyer and TCXO (± 0.5 ppm). A large high contrast, backlit LCD keeps you informed. An easy-to-use menu system allows you to tailor many aspects of the radio's operation to your preferences. Other features include IF shift, AF speech compressor, spectrum scope, and SWR analyzer. Four types of scanning are supported. Includes: OPC-1229 DC power cable, spare fuses, key plugs, acc cable and HM-103 hand mic.

The original Icom IC-703 version was the same, but without 6 meters. Please note that the IC-703 front panel says "HF/50MHz", but this is a printing error.
The IC-703 was reviewed in the July 2003 issue of QST magazine.


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Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AH703 AH-703 Antenna for 7, 14, 21, 28 and 50 MHz. INFO Discontinued
  AH4 AH-4 Automatic antenna tuner 120 watts, 80 to 6 meters. INFO Not currently stocked
  AT180 AT-180 HF +6M Automatic Tuner. INFO
  BC-155A BC-155A Battery charger for BP-228.
  BP-228 BP-228 External battery pack 9.6V 2800 mAh provides about 7 hours of operation.
Replaced by the WWBP-228 NiCad.
    WWBP-228NiCad Battery pack 9.6V 2400 mAh. Discontinued
  CT17 CT-17 CI-V Level Converter. Discontinued
  Filter 455 FL-  52A Filter 500 Hz CW/RTTY-narrow (455 kHz IF). Discontinued
    FL-  53A Filter 250 Hz CW-narrow (455 kHz IF). Discontinued
  FL-222 FL-222 Filter 1.9 kHz SSB-narrow (455 kHz IF). Discontinued
    FL-257 Filter 3.3 kHz SSB-narrow (455 kHz IF). Discontinued
  HM103 HM-103 Electret condenser hand microphone with Up-Down buttons. Modular plug. VIEW Discontinued
  LC-156 LC-156 Back pack carry case. MORE INFO Discontinued
   MB62 MB-62 Mobile Mounting Bracket for 703 or AT-180.
  MB63 MB-63 Mobile Mounting Bracket for detached Front Panel. Discontinued
  MB65 MB-65 Mounts the MB-63 and control head at a convenient, adjustable angle. (MB-63 required). Discontinued
  MB120 MB-120 Mobile Mounting Bracket for Front Panel [Requires remote control bracket]. Discontinued
  MB72 MB-72 Carry Handle. Discontinued
  OPC581 OPC-581 Front Panel Separation Cable 11 ft (3.5 m). Discontinued
  (OPC587) OPC-587 Front Panel Separation Cable 16 ft (5.0 m). Discontinued
   OPC589 OPC-589 Mic adapter cable (8 pin to modular). Discontinued
  OPC599 OPC-599 7+8 to 13 Pin Cable Adapter. Not currently stocked
#1267 OPC742 OPC-742 Adapter cable to AT-180 with a 2m linear amplifier. VIEW $  66.00 $  29.98 Order
  OPC599 OPC-1229 DC Power cable. Double fused. 9 ft. [As supplied] VIEW Discontinued
  OPC1248 OPC-1248 Power cord adapter for 703/703+ to PS-85 or PS-125. VIEW Discontinued
  Icom PS125 PS-125 Power Supply 13.8 VDC 25 Amps (requires OPC-1248). Discontinued
  RMK706 RMK-706 This remote kit includes:  MB-62, MB-63 and OPC-581. Discontinued
  SP10 SP-10 External Mobile Speaker. Discontinued
  SM-20 SM-20 Desk Mic with Up-Down Buttons. [Requires OPC-589] Discontinued
  UT-102 UT-102 Voice Synthesizer announces frequency and mode. May be user set for English or Japanese. Discontinued

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#0000 IC-703  99-09 D[0000]000/000 Q000/000 JP 05/12
#0703 IC-703+ 99-10 D[0000]900/750 Q000/000 JP 09/21