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Icom IC-705

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  • Rx Coverage 0.03-199.000 & 400-470.000 MHz.
  • RF Direct Sampling (Down conv. for >25 MHz)
  • Real-Time Spectrum Display with Waterfall
  • Wireless LAN
  • Large 4.3 inch Color Touch Screen
  • Sophisticated multi-function meter
  • Included BP-272 Li-ion Battery
  • 5 Watts with BP272, 10 Watts on 12 VDC
  • Bluetooth® Built in
  • GPS Built in
  • Micro SD Card slot
  • D-Star Built In
  • Charging via USB (with radio off)
  • HM-243 Speaker-Mic included

The Icom IC-705 saw its debut at the Tokyo Hamfair August 2019. This new portable QRP transceiver covers HF, 6 meters, 2 meters and 440 MHz. It provides up to 5 watts RF output with the supplied BP-272 battery, or up to 10 watts when operating from 12 VDC. It features the same size color touch screen display as the popular IC-7300. Impressive specifications including efficient circuit designs insures low current consumption. QRPp 500 mW also supported. MicroSD port for firmware upgrade, programming, voice recording and GPS log data. All this in an amazing 7.9 x 3.1 x 3.3 inch (20x8x8.5cm) chassis that easily fits in one hand. And only 2.25 lbs. (1kg) (without battery)! Includes DC power cord, BP-272 battery and HM-243 speaker mic. The ultimate backpack, multi-mission transceiver that fits in your hand.

The ultimate backpack, multi-mission transceiver.

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  Icom AL-705 AL-705 Magnetic loop antenna 40m-10m by Alpha. Max. 20W SSB, 10W CW/Digital. INFO Not in stock
#1387 Icom BP-272 BP-272 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 1880 mAh [as supplied] $139.00 $69.98 Order
  Icom BP-307 BP-307 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 3150 mAh. INFO Not in stock
  Icom HM-243 HM-243 Speaker mic [as supplied]. INFO Not in stock
  Icom LC-192 LC-192 Backpack. INFO Not in stock
     OPC-2417 Data cable (Micro USB - Micro USB) Not in stock
     OPC-2418 Data cable (USB type C - Micro USB) Not in stock
     OPC-2421 DC Power cord [as supplied] Not in stock
   VS-3 VS-3 Bluetooth® ear piece microphone and PTT switch. Not in stock

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