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LDG AT-897Plus
Antenna tuner for
Yaesu FT-897/897D

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Discontinued Amateur Antenna Tuners 





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The LDG AT-897 Plus is an autotuner for use with the FT-897 or FT-897D. The AT-897Plus Autotuner mounts on the side of your FT-897 just like the original equipment. They even added the ability to mount the "feet" on the side of the tuner so when you are transporting your rig by the handle, you can safely set it down and not worry about scratching the case.

The AT-897Plus is microprocessor controlled and features the tuning ability our customers have come to expect from our products. The tuner has a front panel button to initiate the tuning sequence while lowering the RF power to 25 watts and will bypass the tuner if pressed momentarily. The red LED lights during while the tuner is active. The AT-897Plus takes power directly from the CAT port of the FT-897 and provides a second CAT port on the back of the tuner so if you are using another CAT device, hooking it up couldn't be easier. If you are a QRP enthusiast or plan on operating via internal batteries, the AT-897Plus is your tuner! The AT-897Plus does not need a fan, let alone one that is constantly running. Current consumption when it is tuned is in the micro-amp range. Since we use latching relays, you can even remove power from the tuner after you have tuned on the band you are going to operate! The FT-897 is a great radio. The FT-897D / AT-897Plus combination makes a fantastic shack! Includes DIN8-CAT cable. FT-897 shown in photos, not included.

* Continuous coverage 1.8 to 54 MHz
* Power rating HF: 0.1 to 100 Watts
* Memories: 200
* Tuning time: 1 to 7 seconds, 4 average
* Antenna impedance: 6 to 800 Ohms (approximately up to 10:1 SWR)
* Power requirements: 11 to 14 volts DC @ 300 mA during tuning from FT-897
* Enclosure: 11.5 x 3.25 x 1.5 inches, 2 pounds

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#5501 DIN8-CAT Spare replacement cable to connect AT-897Plus to the radio (as supplied). $  12.00 $  10.95 Order

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