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The Icom IC-9700 saw its debut at the Tokyo Hamfair August 2017. It follows the form-factor of the hugely succesful HF/6 meter IC-7300. The IC-9700 covers 2 meters, 440 and (optional) 1.2 GHz bands. It will have many of the features of the IC-7300 including direct-sampling SDR architecture, color TFT touch screen and real-time spectrum display with waterfall. Additionally the radio is expected to support D-Star, full-duplex, an external display and have main and sub-receive.

Power output is expected to be: 50 (or 100?) watts on 2m/70cm and 10 watts at 1.2 GHz.

We will post additional photos, more technical information, availability and pricing as soon as it is released. This model is not expected until 2019.

This device has not been approved by the F.C.C. This device may not be offered for sale or lease or be sold or leased until approval of the F.C.C. has been obtained. The information shown is preliminary and may be subject to change without notice or obligation.

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More accessories will be announced soon.
#5147 MB-118 MB-118 Mobile Mounting Bracket. $30.00 $22.95
#5480 MB-123 MB-123 Carry Handle. $35.00 $28.95
#5621 Icom RS-BA1 RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software. $129.00 $99.95
#5885 Icom RC-28 RC-28 Remote encoder unit for RS-BA1. $296.00 $259.95
#5644 Icom SM-30 SM-30 Electret desk microphone with flexible neck. $195.00 $139.95
#3839 Icom SM-50 SM-50 Dynamic desk microphone with flexible neck. $400.00 $299.95
#1038 SP38 SP-38 Matching Desk Speaker INFO $210.00 $169.95
#5041 SP41 SP-41 Matching External Speaker with dual inputs, audio filtration, speaker switch and headphone jack. INFO T.B.A. T.B.A.  
#0233 SP33 SP-33 Compact Desk Speaker $120.00 $99.95
#1235 SEC1235M SEC-1235M Samlex SEC-1235M switching power supply with dual meters 30 Amp.   $169.10 $129.99

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