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Icom SM-26
Desk Mic

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Icom SM26

The Icom SM-26 is a strikingly attractive unidirectional, dynamic microphone. It has a preamplifier built-in (the required +8 VDC is derived from the radio). The SM-26 features a switch for PTT (push to talk). Plus there is a Monitor switch that can be programmed from some models. Please note that Lock button locks the Monitor function and not the PTT function! There is no PTT lock. There is a mic gain adjustment on the bottom of the base. Click here to view larger.

It has a modular plug that fits many Icom mobile transceivers (including the IC-706MkIIG). It is not suggested for the IC-7000. This is a 500 ohm mic. 2.75 x 6.7 x 6.6 inches. 11 inch cable. (70x170x167mm).


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