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Yaesu FTDX1200
160-6 Meters


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Yaesu FTDX1200

  • TX Frequency Coverage: 160 to 6 meters
  • RX Frequency Coverage: 30 kHz to 56 MHz
  • Spectrum Scope
  • IF Width & IF Shift
  • Roofing Filters (3/6/15 kHz)
  • Keypad
  • 5 to 100 watts (2 to 25 watts AM)
  • 32 Bit High Speed IF DSP
  • 4.3" full color TFT display
  • Automatic Tuner
  • Contour, DNR, IF Notch and APF
  • Carry Handle

The Yaesu FTDX1200 provides sophisticated operation on 160 to 6 meters with up to 100 Watts on SSB, CW, and FM (25 Watts AM carrier) and a rugged state-of-the-art highly balanced receiver circuit configuration for top performance on today’s crowded bands. It uses 32-bit high speed floating point DSP. Yaesu’s acclaimed superior DSP algorithm is highly effective in weak signal processing and enhancement. The 1st IF frequency is protected by selectable 3 kHz, 6 kHz and 15 kHz roofing filters that effectively attenuate interfering signals. The triple conversion circuit structure allows highly flexible gain distribution at each stage. This enables elimination of unwanted signals through filters at each stage as well as optimized gain distribution. A high resolution 4.3 inch full color TFT display with loads of information provides superior operability and visibility for the FTDX1200 owner. A High Speed Spectrum Scope located just below the LCD, displays the information needed to place them at the right place on the band with the right receiver set-up.

Sophisticated optional accessories offer additional features that make the FTDX1200 a true high performance platform for all hams – no matter what mode they chose to operate. The FFT-1 supports advanced functionality, including the AF-FFT Scope, RTTY/PSK31 Encode/Decode, CW Decode and CW Auto Zero-in. The optional SCU-17 USB Interface supports CAT, USB Audio in/out, TX control (PTT, Key, Shift) and firmware update functions.

The FTDX1200 is supplied with carry handle MH-31B8 hand mic, DC cord, spare fuses and manual.

Video Click here for video demonstration [4.3 mins.]

updated Radios produced or upgraded after 07/15/15 feature an impressive and powerful spectrum waterfall display.
Please note that all Yaesu firmware updates for the FTDX1200 require the optional SCU-17.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  CT118 CT-118 Control cable from the radio to the VL1000 amplifier. INFO Not currently stocked
  DVS-6 DVS-6 Digital voice recorder. INFO Not in stock
  fc40 FC-40 External automatic antenna tuner. INFO Not in stock
  FFT-1 FFT-1 FFT Unit adds AF-FFT scope function, RTTY/PSK31 Encode/decode, CW decode. INFO Not currently stocked
  FH-2 FH-2 Remote wired keypad controller. INFO Not in stock
  FP1023 FP-1023 Switching power supply 23 Amp. 120 VAC. INFO Not in stock
  FP1030A FP-1030A Linear power supply 30 Amp. Not in stock
  MD100 M100 Dual element desktop microphone. INFO Not in stock
  MD100A8X MD-100A8X Desktop microphone. Discontinued
  MD200A8X MD-200A8X Ultra fidelity desktop dynamic microphone. Discontinued
   MH31b8 MH-31B8 Hand mic with Up/Down [as supplied]. VIEW Not currently stocked
   SCU-17 SCU-17 USB Interface Unit INFO Not currently stocked
  SCU-28 SCU-28 Linear amp connection cable 6 foot (10 pin to bare wires). INFO Not currently stocked
   SP20 SP-20 Matching external speaker. INFO Not currently stocked
  SEC1235M Samlex
Switching power supply with dual meters 30 Amp. INFO Not in stock
ADMSdx1200 RT Systems
Windows 7/8/10 programming mini CD with USB-63 cable. INFO Not currently stocked

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