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Yaesu FTV-1000

6 Meters


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  • Protection LED (Hi temp)
  • ALC High LED
  • High SWR LED
  • FAN on LED
  • 200 Watts PEP
  • Requires FP-29 Power Supply (optional with Field version)
  • High Dynamic Range Front End
  • Class A Transmitter

The new Yaesu FTV-1000 is 6 meter transverter for the FT-1000MP MarkV. It utilizes the same high-performance power MOS FET transistors, Phillips BLF147s in a push-pull configuration, as are used in the Mark-V. The frequency coverage is 50-54 MHz receive and transmit.

The FTV-1000 uses the 28 MHz band on the Mark V as a tunable IF. The Mark V's frequency display may be set, via Menu, to display the 50-54 MHz frequencies directly. Switching on the FTV-1000 automatically disables the Mark V's power amplifier and enables full featured operation on the 50-52 or 50-54 MHz band utilizing all the great receiver filters of the Mark V.

Power output is 200 watts PEP and spurious emissions are at least 60 dB down. (The FTV-1000 may be used with optional VL-1000 Linear Amplifier for high power operation). The FTV-1000 obtains the required 30 VDC and 13.8 VDC directly from the FP-29 power supply of the Mark V. (Please note that if used with the Mark V Field version, you will have to purchase the FP-29 separately.) There are three SO-239 jacks on the back panel: Transceiver, Antenna Normal and Antenna Alternate. The size is 9.6x5.4x13 inches (244x137x331 mm).
Please see page 76 of the February 2001 QST for a complete review of this transverter.

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