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Yaesu FTV-1000

6 Meters


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Features | Rear Panel


  • Protection LED (Hi temp)
  • ALC High LED
  • High SWR LED
  • FAN on LED
  • 200 Watts PEP (100 watts with Field version)
  • Requires FP-29 Power Supply (optional)
  • High Dynamic Range Front End
  • Class A Transmitter

The new Yaesu FTV-1000 is 6 meter transverter for the FT-1000MP Mark V or Mark V Field. It utilizes the same high-performance power MOS FET transistors, Phillips BLF147s in a push-pull configuration, as are used in the Mark-V. The frequency coverage is 50-54 MHz receive and transmit. The FTV-1000 uses the 28 MHz band on the Mark V as a tunable IF. The Mark V's frequency display may be set, via Menu, to display the 50-54 MHz frequencies directly. Switching on the FTV-1000 automatically disables the Mark V's power amplifier and enables full featured operation on the 50-52 or 50-54 MHz band utilizing all the great receiver filters of the Mark V.

Power output is 200 watts PEP (100 watts on Field version) and spurious emissions are at least 60 dB down. (The FTV-1000 may be used with optional VL-1000 Linear Amplifier for high power operation). The FTV-1000 obtains the required 30 VDC and 13.8 VDC directly from the FP-29 power supply of the Mark V. Please note that if used with the Mark V Field version, you must purchase the FP-29 separately (see below). There are three SO-239 jacks on the back panel: Transceiver, Antenna Normal and Antenna Alternate. The size is 9.6x5.4x13 inches (244x137x331 mm).
Please see page 76 of the February 2001 QST for a complete review of this transverter.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  FRB-5 Relay adapter box (for Field version) (mounts inside FT-1000MP). VIEW Discontinued
  FP-29 Power Supply 30 VDC (for Field version). Discontinued

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