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Icom SP-23
Base Speaker
with Filtration

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Icom SP23

The Icom SP-23 speaker matches many Icom receivers and transceivers. It is 8 ohms and is rated at 2 watts [4 watts maximum]. The SP-23 with four separate audio network filters [HPF1 500 Hz, HPF2 250 Hz, LPF1 3000 Hz, LPF2 1000 Hz]. This allows you to tailor the frequency response of the speaker. Input A or B may be selected so two radios may share this speaker. There is a speaker on-off switch and a 1/4 headphone jack on the front panel.

Metal construction 5.75 x 4.25 x 11.2 inches 3.6 lbs. (145x111x283mm 1.65 kg). The bottom panel of the speaker features a pull-out tilt stand if you wish to angle the speaker. A single audio cable is supplied with a mono mini plug at both ends.

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