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160-10M 120 VAC


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Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V

  • Dual Receive
  • Class A PA Operation
  • Integrated Shuttle Jog Control
  • 10 Pole Collins Mechanical Filter
  • Manual and DSP Auto Notch
  • 200 Watts Power!
  • Separate FP-29 Power Supply
  • Enhanced DSP
  • 13 Tuning Steps
  • Manual and Auto AGC

The Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V represents the crowning achievement in Yaesu's HF transceiver design history. A unique blend of analog and digital technology, the Mark-V is based on the concept of rigorous filtering in all stages of the receiver and transceiver. A high speed antenna tuner is built in. A temperature compensated reference oscillator is built into every FT-1000MP MarkV providing 0.5 ppm. For even greater frequency accuracy add the optional TCXO-6. This radio includes a hand mic. (Note:  Some items shown in the above image are optional).

Yaesu also offers an optional 6 meter transverter for the Mark V called the FTV-1000

The Mark-V adds five all-new features to the FT-1000 Series:
*IDBT (Interlocked Digital Bandwidth Tracking), which matches the receiver passbands of the 8.2 MHz IF, 455 kHz IF and DSP systems.
*VRF (Variable RF Front-end Filter), providing a high-Q "Preselector" system protecting the receiver's front end.
*Class A PA Operation, providing extraordinary SSB signal purity.
*200-Watt MOS FET Final Amplifier, giving you the extra drive for your linear.
* Integrated Shuttle Jog Control, combining the access buttons for IDBT and VRF with the convenient frequency control of Yaesu's exclusive Shuttle Jog.
* FP-29 Matching Power Supply .

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  DVS2 DVS-2 Digital voice recorder. Use as either continuous receive recorder or mic audio recorder. Discontinued
  FH1 FH-1 Wired remote keypad. Discontinued
  FTV1000 FTV-1000 Six Meter Transverter 200 watts. Click here for information. Discontinued
    LL-7 Phone patch module [mounts in optional SP-8 speaker] INFO Discontinued
  MD100A8X MD-100A8X Desktop microphone. INFO Discontinued
  MD200A8X MD-200A8X Ultra fidelity desktop microphone. INFO Discontinued
    MH-31B8 Hand mic [as supplied]. Discontinued
  SP8 SP-8 External speaker with filter. INFO Not currently stocked
  TCXO6 TCXO-6 Temperature compensated crystal oscillator for high stability (0.5 ppm). Discontinued
  YF110CN YF-110CN Filter 250 Hz CW (455 kHz IF) [Main receiver]. Discontinued
    YF-110SN Filter 2 kHz SSB (455 kHz IF) [Main receiver]. Discontinued
  YF114CN YF-114CN Filter 250 Hz CW (8.2 MHz IF) [Main receiver]. Discontinued
  YF114SN YF-114SN Filter 2 kHz SSB (8.2 MHz IF) [Main receiver]. Discontinued
  YF115C YF-115C Collins mechanical filter 500 Hz CW [Main/Sub receiver]. Discontinued
  YH77STA YH-77STA Stereo headphones. Discontinued
  T9022299 T9022299 DC power cable from FP-29 to FT-1000MPV (as supplied). INFO Discontinued

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