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Icom IC-7100
160-10 meters +6M +2M +440 MHz 12 VDC

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Icom IC-7100

  • Touch Screen Interface
  • IF DSP
  • Slant Top Controller
  • Speaker on Controller
  • Extended Receive
  • SWR Graphic Display
  • Voice Memory Function
  • RTTY Decoder
  • D-Star DV Mode
  • SD Card Slot
  • Variable Power Output
  • Multi-Function Meter
  • CW Full Break-in
  • CW Receive Reverse & Auto-tune

The Icom IC-7100 is an affordable all-mode HF/VHF/UHF mobile transceiver with a very high Cool Factor. DSP at the IF level is the cornerstone of this impressive new multi-bander. RF power is HF 100 watts, 50 MHz 100 watts, 144 MHz 50 watts and 430 MHz 35 watts. Extended receive provides coverage from 30 kHz to 199.999 MHz and 400-470 MHz. Enjoy ± 0.5ppm frequency stability and 505 memory channels. There is a built in radioteletype decoder. And D-Star is built in! The remote head, with built-in speaker (on back-side), offers full control of the radio. And the head rear panel features jacks for key, speaker and microphone. This radio requires 13.8 VDC at 22 Amps. The rear panel has an antenna input for HF/6M and one for VHF/UHF bands. The IC-7100 includes HM-198 hand mic, DC power cable, OPC-2253 11 foot separation cable, 13 pin accessory cable, USB cable, printed Owner's Manual and CD Owner's Manual.

Video Click here for video demonstration [4.5 mins.]

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AH2b AH-2b Mobile antenna. Can be matched for 40 to 6 meters using AH-4. INFO Not currently stocked
   AH4 AH-4 Automatic antenna tuner 120 watts, 80 to 6 meters. Not currently stocked
  AH740 AH-740 Automatic tuning antenna 2.5-30 MHz (requires OPC-2321). INFO. Not in stock
  AH-5NV AH-5NV NVIS kit for AH-740. INFO. Discontinued
  AT180 AT-180 HF +6M Automatic Tuner. Not in stock
  CS7100 CS-7100 Programming software CD for Windows XP/Vista/7/8. INFO Not currently stocked
  CT17 CT-17 CI-V Level Converter. Discontinued
  HM151 HM-151 Electret condenser Up-Down hand mic. Modular plug. VIEW. Not currently stocked
  HM198 HM-198 Hand mic (as supplied). VIEW Not in stock
   MB62 MB-62 Mobile Mounting Bracket for IC-7100 or AT-180. Not in stock
  MBA-1 MBA-1 Controller bracket. VIEW Not in stock
  Icom MBF1 MBF-1 Suction Cup Mounting Base for head (requires MBA-1) INFO   Not in stock
  OPC-589 OPC-589 Mic adapter cable (8 pin to modular). Not in stock
  OPC-599 OPC-599 Converts 13 Pin Accessory connector to 7 pin and 8 pin accessory jacks. Not currently stocked
  Icom OPC-1529 OPC-1529R Data cable for D-STAR DV mode or GPS receiver
[DATA 1 jack to PC serial port]
Not in stock
  Icom OPC-2253 OPC-2253 Separation cable 11 foot (3.5m) INFO Not in stock
  Icom OPC-2254 OPC-2254 Separation cable 16 foot (5.0m) INFO Not in stock
#6074 Icom OPC-2321 OPC-2321 Control cable adapter for AH-740. Not in stock
  Icom PS126 PS-126 Power Supply 13.8 VDC 25 Amps. Discontinued
  Icom RS-BA1v2 RS-BA1 v2 IP Remote Control Software. INFO Not in stock
   Icom RC-28 RC-28 Remote encoder unit for RS-BA1. INFO Not in stock
   Icom SM-30 SM-30 Electret desk microphone with flexible neck.
[Requires OPC-589]
Not in stock
   Icom SM-50 SM-50 Dynamic desk microphone with flexible neck.
[Requires OPC-589]
Not in stock
  SP-35 SP-35 Matching mobile speaker with bracket. Not in stock
  SEC1235M SEC-1235M Samlex SEC-1235M switching power supply with dual meters 30 Amp. INFO Not in stock
  WCS-7100USB WCS-7100USB RT Systems Windows programing software CD with USB-RTS-01 cable. INFO  Not in stock
  IC100 LDG IT-100 The LDG IT-100 is a great autotuner for the IC-7100. The included cable interfaces directly to your IC-7100 and supplies power to the tuner. INFO Not in stock
  Nifty Mini Manual MINI MANUAL Nifty spiral bound mini-manual contains 32 laminated pages [4.5 x 8 inch]. INFO Not in stock
  Icom shirt SHIRT Comfortable Port Authority™ denim shirt INFO

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