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Icom UT-106
Audio DSP Module

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The Icom UT-106 Digital Signal Processing (DSP) module is a powerful standard feature for the Icom 706MkIIG transceiver. This factory installed module provides:

ANF Automatic Notch Filter -- This automatically minimizes beat signals and heterodynes while preserving the receive signal. Also, the notch frequency is automatically adjusted to follow interfering beat signals; for example, reducing interference from RTTY signals during SSB operation. Works in SSB, FM and AM modes.

NR Noise Reduction -- reduces noise components and picks out desired signals which are buried in noise. The received AF signals are converted to digital signals and then the desired signals are separated from the noise. Works in all modes.

NR chart

Both ANF and NR features are accessed through the transceiver's display menu. The ANF function can be turned on or off via the menu. For NR, set the desired noise reduction level.

The UT-106 was not included in some earlier 706 versions and had to be ordered separately.

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