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The ICOM RS-746 Windows remote control software allows 746 operators to take control of their IC-746 rigs from a PC computer via ICOM's CI-V computer control interface. There is no need to buy the ICOM CT-17 level converter as the necessary circuitry is built right into the OPC-662 cable which is included with the software package. The interface cable plugs into the RS-232C serial port on the PC side, and the CI-V jack on the back panel of the IC-746. The software will automatically detect the radio, and the PC control will become available immediately. Besides the ease of use in operating, and managing memory channels, the RS-746 actually adds several features normally not available through the IC-746 front panel. Large analog s-meter (visible below), 1000 memory channels stored in a file on your computer's hard disk, and the ability to tune in signals by clicking on their graphical representation on the spectrum scope are features worth mentioning

The screen shot below reveals every sub-screen of the RS-746 software. Clockwise from top left: band scope, s-meter, channel pad and band stacking registers. The memory list is in the background. All three frequencies are visible on the band stacking register screen without the need to push the band button three times. Band scope screen mirrors the scope on the IC-746's LCD display. Finding activity on the bands is as easy as clicking on a signal displayed on its graphical spectrum analyzer. The IC-746 will automatically tune to that frequency!


Managing IC-746 memory channels becomes a breeze with the RS-746 memory management screen. Not only that, but by storing memory channels in a file on your computer's hard disk, you can increase the number of available memory channels to 1000! That's 10 memory banks with 100 memories each. Entering alphanumeric memory names also becomes a lot easier. You can simply type the names into the channel pad shown on the far right. Or, enter the names directly into the main channel list along with the frequency, operating mode and filter settings. Channel list is shown in the background.


The use of the RS-746 program requires Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98 or ME, Pentium® 100 MHz or faster processor, at least 16 MB of RAM and 20 MB of free hard disk space. Screen resolution of 800x600 or higher is also recommended. Available, working RS-232C serial port is needed to connect the radio to the PC. The connection cable, the OPC-662, is included with the RS-746 software package.
Please note that this program does not fully work with the ICOM 746 Pro (lacks some control of some Pro features, and must addressed for the Pro version).

This product was discontinued by ICOM on 06/13/02.

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