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160-10 meters 12 VDC


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  • 160-10 Meters
  • Backlit LCD
  • 0-20 Watt Output
  • SWR Metering
  • LED S/RF Bargraph
  • AF Bandpass
  • 2 Hz Tuning
  • Iambic Keyer

The fixed, mobile, portable or aviation "multi-mission" SGC SG-2020ADSP covers 160-10 meters in CW/SSB at 0 to 20 watts. This radio also has CW/SSB general coverage receive from 1.8 to 29.7 MHz. The SG-2020ADSP is unbeatable for preparedness, search and rescue, border patrol and DX-peditions. Now the makers of the world-famous SG-2020 bring you the next generation of HF-SSB equipment. The SG-2020 ADSP Transceiver will operate as a standard HF SSB transceiver, however it takes advantage of advanced digital signal processing. SGCs ADSP and Spectral Noise Subtraction (SNS) technologies greatly increase signal clarity and drastically reduce noise, providing unsurpassed signal quality to any listening application. Simply activate two pushbuttons, CMD and BW, on the front panel of the transceiver simultaneously to toggle this function on or off. A colon ( : ) is displayed on the LCD when the ADSP is on. When the ADSP is activated, there will be an immediate noise reduction whether or not there is a signal present. Simultaneously, if a steady tone signal is present, it will be automatically tracked and completely suppressed. This signal reception improvement can be used on voice SSB, AM, FM, CW at all speed levels and for data in all existing different modes as the total time delay is less than 6 milliseconds.

Here is a reliable and compact high performance radio designed for long range communications. Features include:  backlit LCD digital display, 160 to 10 meter amateur band coverage, 2 Hz VFO, RIT, XIT, RF Gain, full break-in, 40 memories, VOGAD baseband speech processing, electronic iambic keyer plus S/RF bargraph. The AF bandpass is variable from 100 Hz to 2700 Hz.

The 12 VDC SG-2020ADSP draws only 400 mA during receive (150 with DSP) and a maximum of 3 Amps on transmit. Includes hand mic.

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