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Yaesu SM-5000
Station Monitor

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Yaesu SM5000 Station Monitor

The Yaesu SM-5000 station monitor adds sophistication and new capabilities to the FTDX5000 series. It allows you to see a visual display of an amateur band segment tuned by the VFO-A receiver. The default bandwidth allows you to see both weak and strong signals clearly depicted on the screen. During transmission the transmitter's waveform will be displayed. Three different trace modes are selectable. The LBWS - Limited Bandwidth Sweep function provides very high speed signal detection over a limited portion of the currently displayed spectrum.

The SM-5000 also has an enhanced stereo speaker system with superb audio quality.

The front panel controls allow you to adjust the contrast, select speaker input, or mute speakers. Special side mounting plates are provided to secure this device to the top of the FTDX5000. The SM-5000 can be used with, or without the DMU-2000 (sold separately).

18.5 x 1.8 x 7.2 inches 5.5 lbs. (462x45x181mm 2.5kg). This device was included with FTDX5000D and FTDX5000MP versions only.

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