Icom IC-9100
HF +6M +2M +440
12 VDC


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  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Manual and Automatic Notch
  • Digital Twin PBT
  • Dual Display
  • 100 Watt Output (75W on 440)
  • RTTY Demodulator Decoder

The Icom IC-9100 is a versatile and expandable transceiver. It offers professional performance, out of the box on HF, 6 meters and 2 meters with 2 to 100 watts (2 to 30 for AM). The 440 MHz band is also built-in with 2 to 75 watts. The UX-9100 band unit can also be added at any time for 1200 MHz, 10 watt operation (shown above). The IC-9100 can simultaneously receive on two different bands and works as if there are two independent receivers in one radio. Each main and sub-receiver has a dedicated DSP unit providing flexible digital IF filters, AGC time constant, twin PBT, manual and auto notch filter, noise reduction, noise blanker, etc. The USB port can transfer modulation, received audio, RTTY demodulator and DV mode data. Satellite operation is not an after-thought on this transceiver. The satellite mode synchronizes the uplink (transmitting) and downlink (receiving) frequencies and shifts the frequency with the same tuning step. Twenty alphanumeric satellite memory channels store frequency, mode and tone settings. A built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder allows you to read a RTTY message instantly without an external PC or external decoder. A built-in automatic tuner covers the HF bands plus 6 meters. Other refinements include electronic keyer jack on the front panel, four CW memories, voice squelch control, band edge beep, built in voice synthesizer. The multi-function meter shows signal strength, output power, SWR, ALC and compression level. There are main and sub-receiver speaker outputs. This device requires 13.8 VDC at 24 Amps. 12.5 x 4.6 x 13.5 inches 24.3 lbs. (315x116x343mm 11kg). Includes HM-36 hand mic, OPC-1457 DC power cord, MB-123 handle, accessory cable, fuses and Owner's Manual.
The photo above shows the radio operating with the optional UX9100 (sold separately).


Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AG-25 AG-25 Mast mounted preamp for 2 meters. INFO Discontinued
  (AG-25) AG-35 Mast mounted preamp for 440 MHz. INFO Discontinued
  Icom AH-4 AH-4 Automatic antenna tuner 120 watts, 80 to 6 meters. Not in stock
  Icom CS9100 CS9100 Windows cloning software CD (requires a conventional USB cable). INFO Discontinued
  Icom CT-17 CT-17 CI-V Level Converter for connection to PC RS-232C port. Discontinued
  Icom FL430 FL-430 Roofing filter 6 kHz (first IF). INFO Discontinued
  Icom FL431 FL-431 Roofing filter 3 kHz (first IF). INFO Discontinued
  Icom HM36 HM-36 Hand mic [as supplied]. Discontinued
   Icom HM-219 HM-219 Hand mic [replaces HM-36]. Discontinued
  MB-123 MB-123 Carry Handle [as supplied]. INFO Not in stock
  OPC599 OPC-599 Converts 13 Pin Accessory connector to 7 pin and 8 pin accessory jacks. Discontinued
  OPC-14573 OPC-1457 DC Power cord (as supplied). INFO Not in stock
  Icom OPC-1529 OPC-1529R Data cable for D-STAR DV mode or GPS receiver [DATA 1 jack to PC serial port] Discontinued
  Icom RS-BA1 RS-BA1 v1 IP Remote Control Software. INFO Discontinued
   Icom RS-BA1 RS-BA1 v2 IP Remote Control Software. INFO Discontinued
   Icom RC-28 RC-28 Remote encoder unit for RS-BA1. INFO Discontinued
  Icom PS126 PS-126 Matching switching Power Supply 25 Amp. Discontinued
   Icom SM-30 SM-30 Electret desk microphone with flexible neck. INFONot in stock
   Icom SM50 SM-50 Dynamic desk microphone with flexible neck. INFO Not in stock
   SP23 SP-23 External Speaker with dual inputs, audio filtration, speaker switch and headphone jack. Discontinued
  SP41 SP-41 Matching External Speaker with dual inputs, audio filtration, speaker switch and headphone jack. INFO Not in stock
  UT121 UT-121 D-Star Option (user installable). Not Stocked
  UT121 UX-9100 1.2 GHz (23cm) Module (1-10 watts). INFO Not Stocked
  SEC1235M SEC-1235M Samlex SEC-1235M switching power supply with dual meters 30 Amp. INFO Not in stock
    WCS-9100USB RT Systems Windows XP/Vista/78/8.1/10 programming software CD with USB-RTS-01 cable. Discontinued

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