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Icom IC-9100
USB/CI-V Ports

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IC-9100 USB/CI-V Ports

[IC-9100 USB]

The Icom IC-9100 features the traditional Icom CI-V port plus a USB port.
This USB port can be used for:
Input modulation
Remotely control the transceiver using CI-V commands
Send the received audio to the PC
Send the decoded characters to the PC
Low-speed data communication in the DV mode
Cloning using the optional CS-9100 cloning software

Two COM port numbers are assigned to the [USB] connector.
One of them is “USB1,” used for cloning and CI-V operation.
The other one is “USB2,” whose function is selected in “USB2/DATA1 Func” (63) item of the Set mode.

The USB driver can be downloaded from the Icom website. You will need:
Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista® or Windows® 7.
A USB 1.1 or 2.0 port
A USB cable (not supplied)
PC software (such as optional RS-BA1 or CS-9100)

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