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RFspace IF-2000
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RFspace IF-2000

The RFspace IF-2000 Revision-C interface board adds an IF output at 10.55 MHz to the Yaesu FT-2000 and FT-950 transceivers. This board allows the interfacing of the transceiver to an RFspace SDR-IQ or panoramic adapter. The addition of an SDR (software defined radio) to the Yaesu radios greatly enhances its capabilities.

Here are some of the key enhancements of the RFspace SDR-IQ / IF-2000 board:
   1. Adds the most powerful panoramic adapter available for the Yaesu radios. Experience unprecedented speed, bandwidth and resolution.
   2. Adds a 190 kHz wide waterfall / spectrum display.
   3. Adds two additional AM/FM/CW/SSB demodulators.
   4. Allows the recording of 190 kHz of band to the computer hard drive centered at the radio VFO frequency.
   5. Allows the monitoring of HF and 6 meter frequencies.
   6. Adds the ability to monitor the transmitter spectrum.

IF-2000 Specifications:
Current Draw: 110 mA @ 9 volts
LO Frequency: 80.000 MHz
LO Stability: 50ppm, 0 to +85 C
IF Input: 69.45 MHz
IF Output: 10.55 MHz
Response: 0.5dB @ 500 kHz
Input Return Loss: -20dB

Click here to download the IF-2000 Owner's Manual [PDF 4.24 MB]

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