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Icom RS-BA1 v1
Control Software

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The Icom RS-BA1 IP Remote Control Software allows you to use an Icom compatible radio installed in another room using your home network or even from a remote location over the Internet. Most functions and modes of your Icom compatible transceiver can be controlled, including interference rejection functions and IF filter settings. Low voice latency (caused by the RS-BA1) provides the same operational experience as using an actual radio. The S-Meter and SWR can even be observed.

The RS-BA1 Windows® CD consists of two component software applications:
1. System configuration software sets up IP address, audio sampling rate and other settings.
2. Remote control software provides a user interface, similar to the radio's front panel, and allows you to control the radio from a remote location.

The IC-7600 can be connected to a PC via a USB cable and the input/output audio signal and CI-V command is sent through the USB cable.
This software is designed to operate with Windows® XP (SP3), Windows® Vista (32/64bit) or Windows® 7 (32/64bit).

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