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CommRadio CR1a

AeroStream Communications near Golden, Colorado entered the hobby radio market in 2013 with their revolutionary CommRadio CR-1 and follow up CR-1a SDR receivers. The success of these innovative radios left many asking for a transceiver of similar size and capability. The answer is the multi-mission CTX-10. The CommRadio CTX-10 blends high performance, internal SDR technology, high efficiency circuit design, compact size and simple operation. This QRP radio is ideal for field use and emergency operations. Transmitter covers the 80-10 meter amateur bands with output power selectable at 1, 5 or 10 watts. The new design uses ruggedized land mobile power amps in push-pull. Every aspect of the radio design is optimized for low power consumption. The efficient and sharp OLED display is readable in low or high lighting conditions. The radio has three built-in #18650 3.7V 2600 mAh Li-ion batteries providing 28.8 watt-hours of operation. A built-in intelligent charger provides seamless power management. The general coverage receiver section uses multiple preselectors for optimized reception from 150 kHz to 30 MHz. An integrated CW keyer, CW reader (Beta) and antenna tuner enhances operation. The premium tuning knob optical encoder is rated at a million revolutions. Entire enclosure is magnesium alloy with machined aluminum knobs. External connections are through-hole mounted for durability. Includes USB cable, DC power cord and manual. (Microphone not supplied). DC power requirements: receive 1.5 Watts, transmit 20 Watts. Limited 1 year manufacturer warranty: parts, labor, workmanship. This robust, quality device is built in Colorado, U.S.A.

UPDATED:  01/24/18
This device has been approved by the F.C.C. We are accepting orders now. However nothing will be charged to your credit card until we ship in March. You may cancel your order anytime without penalty. The information shown is preliminary and subject to change without notice or obligation. Availability is estimated for March 1, 2018. Introductory price on first 240 units produced.

Click here to view manufacturer's first-look YouTube video on the CTX-10
Click here to view battery endurance test YouTube video on the CTX-10

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
#5365 Pyramid PS-8KX Pyramid
Regulated linear power supply provides 13.2 VDC at 6 Amps. INFO $44.95
#6126 MFJ-290MY MFJ-290MY Hand mic. INFO $24.95
#0406 MH31A8J Yaesu
Hand mic. INFO $44.95
#2122 UG255 UG255 SO-239 (UHF) to BNC male adapter.
(To connect a PL259 to CTX10).
#5733 Gobag RADIO GO BAG Protective carry bag INFO $7.95
#6758   OM CTX-10 Owner's manual T.B.A.

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