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Icom IC-720
160-10 Meters 12 VDC


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Icom 720

  • All Mode
  • Analog S/RF Meter
  • 160 - 10 Meters
  • 10 Hz Tuning
  • Variable RF Output
  • 100 Hz Display
  • VOX
  • RF Speech Processor
  • Dial Lock
  • Pass Band Tuning
  • RIT
  • Noise Blanker

The Icom IC-720 is an all solid state transceiver covering nine amateur HF bands. Operation is supported for: 1.8-2, 3.5-4.1, 6.9-7.5, 9.9-10.5 13.9-14.5 17.9-18.5, 20.9-21.5 24.5-25.1 and 28-30 MHz. It features two digitally synthesized 10 Hz VFOs. Enhancements include RF speech processor, RIT, CW semi break-in, noise blanker and VOX. The 720 has has a quad-conversion, general coverage receiver that tunes 100 kHz to 30 MHz. Power input is:  SSB 10~200W, AM 10~40W, CW/RTTY 10~200W. The top panel has an access door for special adjustments such as CW monitor, CW delay, Vox gain, Anti-Vox control, etc. The rear panel has a cooling fan. This radio requires 13.5 VDC at 20 Amps. The PS-15 power supply shown above is optional. 241x111x311mm 7.5 kg.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  BC-10A Memory backup AC power pack. Discontinued
  FL-  2 Filter CW/RTTY Discontinued
  FL-34 Filter AM Discontinued
  HM-7 Hand mic (as supplied). VIEW Discontinued
  LDA Auto band switching interface for Icom antenna tuner. Discontinued
  MB-  5 Mobile Mounting Bracket. Discontinued
  PS-15 Power Supply 13.8 VDC 20 Amp normal duty cycle. Discontinued
  PS-20 Power Supply 13.8 VDC 20 Amp 100% duty cycle. Discontinued
  SM-5 Desk microphone with electret condenser element and flexible neck. Discontinued
  SP-3 External Speaker. INFO Discontinued
#6489 70029 Covercraft dust cover for IC-720. $9.95 $4.98 Order

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