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Heil Mics for
the Icom IC-7000

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Heil offers the following reminder on microphones for the IC-7000...
Please remember that the Icom IC-7000 cannot use dynamic elements when operating on the FM mode, because the available mic gain is much lower than it is in SSB mode on this particular model. For that reason, please use only mics with condenser elements. The Handi Mic iC (with the CC-1-iM adapter cable), iCM desk mic (with HSTA-iM), BM-10-iC, Pro Set iC, Pro Set Plus iC, or Pro Set Elite iC boomsets with the AD-1-iCM adapter, or the Traveler with the HSTA-iM adapter will all work great.

Microphones like the GM-5 will work only on SSB mode with the IC-7000.

Wide range microphones like the PR781 simply have too much bandwidth to work well with a small rig like the 7000. For that reason, Heil does not make an adapter cable to go from the 3-pin XLR connector of the PR 781 to the modular jacks on the Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu compact transceivers.

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