Drake TC-6
Transmit Converter


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Drake TC6

The Drake TC-6 transmit converter provides full coverage of the 6 Meter band (49.5-54 MHz). When used with any Drake exciter, no additional power supply is needed. (However the TC-6 may be powered by an AC-3 or AC-4 power supply when used with any other exciter). Oscillator injection may be obtained from the Drake SC-6 receiving converter. Metering is provided for both final amplifier plate current and relative power output. Power is 300 watts input. Modes of operation are SSB, CW, AM, RTTY (as determined by the exciter). 7.675 x 5.5 x 11.675 inches 9 lbs.

The TC-6 matches the TR-4 series.

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#XXXX 67-70 D300/3000 Q150/200 US 07/08