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E.F. Johnson
Viking Invader



E.F. Johnson
Viking Invader 2000

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Johnson Viking Invader

The Johnson Invader amateur transmitter covers 80, 40, 20, 15, 11/10 meters in AM and CW modes. Power output is 200 watts CW, 200 watts SSB PEP and 90 watts AM. It features full TVI suppression.

21 x 11.675 x 17.5 inches. 53 lbs.

Johnson Viking Invader 2000

The Johnson Invader 2000 is an upgrade option that increases power to 2000 watts SSB PEP, 1000 watts CW and 800 watts AM.

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#XXXX __-__ D[619] 000/000 Q000/000 US 09/18
#XXXX __-__ D[619] 000/000 Q000/000 US 09/18