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Drake CC-1
Converter Console


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Drake CC-1

The Drake CC-1 converter console can accomodate the SC-2 2 Meter Receive Converter, SC-6 6 Meter Receive Converter, SCC-1 VHF Crystal Calibrator and CPS-1 Power Supply. Additionally there is room for a selectable third converter. The CC1 has a band selection knob. Please note all listed items were sold separately. The front panel switch connects any converter output (or HF antenna) to the receiver. 10.75 x 5.5 x 8 inches. Click here to view rear panel with optional CPS-1, SC-2, SC-6 and SCC-1 installed.

The Drake CC-1 matches TR-4 transceiver.

Order # Photo Item Description Price Order
  CPS1 CPS-1 Power Supply. VIEW Discontinued
  CPS1 SC-2 Converter for 2 Meters VIEW Discontinued
  CPS1 SC-6 Converter for 6 Meters VIEW Discontinued
  SCC1 SCC-1 Crystal Calibrator for VHF (50 kHz) VIEW Discontinued

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