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Yaesu FT-102
160-10 Meters




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Discontinued Amateur HF Transceivers 

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Yaesu FT-102

  • 160-10 Meters
  • Solid State (except finals)
  • IF Notch
  • Noise Blanker
  • 240 Watts Input
  • Audio Peak Filter
  • Speech Processor
  • VOX

The Yaesu FT-102 is an HF transceiver covering 160 to 10 meters in SSB, CW, AM and FSK modes. It also features WWV reception at 10 MHz. Power input is 240 watts on SSB/CW and 80 watts on AM/FSK. It features a digital display and analog subdial. The FT-102 has a built in power supply and can operate from 100/117/200/234 VAC. The hybrid circuit utilizes three 6146B final tubes for pure emissions. This radio does not have general coverage receive.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AM/FM Unit AM/FM Option. Discontinued
  FC-102 Antenna tuner. INFO Discontinued
  FL-2100Z HF Linear amplifier. Discontinued
  FV-102DM External analog VFO. Discontinued
  MD-1B8 Desktop microphone. Discontinued
  MH-1B8 Up-Down Hand mic. VIEW Discontinued
  SP-102 Speaker INFO Discontinued
  SP-102P Speaker & Phone Patch INFO Discontinued
  XF-455C CW Filter. Discontinued
  XF-8.2GA AM Filter 6 kHz. Discontinued
  XF-8.2HC CW Filter 600 Hz. Discontinued
  XF-8.2HCN CW Filter 300 Hz. Discontinued
  XF-8.2HSN SSB Filter . Discontinued
  YM-34 Desk mic. VIEW Discontinued
  YM-35 Hand mic. VIEW Discontinued
  YM-36 Hand mic. VIEW Discontinued
  YM-37 Hand mic. VIEW Discontinued
  YM-38 Desk mic. VIEW Discontinued

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