Yaesu FT-ONE
160-10 M 120 VAC


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Yaesu FT-ONE

  • 100 Watts Power
  • RF Attenuator
  • AGC (Slow/Fast/Off)
  • Active Audio Filter
  • Speech Processor
  • Variable Bandwidth
  • Carry Handle

The Yaesu FT-ONE is the culmination of years of research and development by Yaesu. This all-mode solid-state HF transceiver employs incredible engineering to provide total operating control and unsurpassed performance. Yaesu's variable IF bandwidth system uses two crystal filters to provide continuously variable bandwidth from 300 to 2400 Hz. There are also provision for two optional CW bandwidths and a narrow FSK bandwidth. Power output is 100 watts PEP SSB/CW (90 watts on 10m), 25 watts AM and 50 watts FM (optional)/FSK. The receive range of this radio is 150 to 30000 kHz. Operation is from 120 VAC or 13.5 VDC. There is a built-in speaker. The rear panel has common I/O functions available as RCA phono jacks. The rear panel also features a large heat sink cooling fan.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order #
  FM Unit FM Mode Option Discontinued
  MD-1B8 Desktop microphone. VIEW Discontinued
  MD-1C8 Desktop microphone. VIEW Discontinued
    Internal CMOS Keyer Unit Discontinued
    RAM Unit Discontinued
  XF-8.9KA AM 6 kHz Filter (8.9875 MHz). Discontinued
  XF-8.9KC CW 600 Hz Filter (8.9982 MHz). Discontinued
  XF-8.9KCN CW 300 Hz Filter (8.9982 MHz). Discontinued
  XF-10.7KC CW Filter. Discontinued
  YM-34 Desktop microphone. VIEW Discontinued
  YM-35 Hand microphone with Up Down. VIEW Discontinued
  YM-36 Hand microphone. VIEW Discontinued
  YM-37 Hand microphone. VIEW Discontinued
  YM-38 Desktop microphone with Up Down. Discontinued

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