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The Japan Radio Company JST-100 is a grade-A transceiver providing commercial level performance with 160 to 10 meter amateur band coverage (including WARC) in all modes (AM/FM/SSB/CW/RTTY).Receive is available at 10 MHz for WWV. The JST-100 supports full CW break-in, dual 10 Hz VFOs, 11 memories and modular construction. The JST-100D features 100 watts and the JST-100S has 10 watts. (This transceiver does not have general coverage receive). Mic not included. Shown above with optional NFG-97 Tuner, NVA-88 Speaker and NBD-500 Power supply.

The JST-100 was the first amateur transceiver produced by JRC. Prior to this model, they produced separate transmitters such as the NSD-505 with matching NRD-505 receiver and the famous NSD-515 with matching NRD-515 receiver.

After the JST-100 they produced the JST-110.

Order # Photo Item Description Price Order
    CFL-230 Filter 300 Hz -6dB Discontinued
    CFL-260 Filter 600 Hz -6dB Discontinued
    CHG-43 Desk mic with PTT 600 ohm. Discontinued
  KY-3A KY-3A Straight Morse code key. INFO Discontinued
    NBD-500 External power supply 13.8 VDC 15 Amps continuous, 20 Amps surge. Discontinued
  NBD-520 NBD-520 External power supply 13.8 VDC 30 Amps surge. INFO Discontinued
  NVT56 NVA-88 External speaker. INFO Discontinued
  NVT56 NVT-56 Desk mic with PTT and lock button.
600 Ohm, 8 pin plug.
Sensitivity: -69 ± dB.
Size 2.7 x 7 x 6 inches.
    NVT-57 Hand Mic 600 ohms. Discontinued
  NVT58 NVT-58 Hand Mic 600 ohms
with Up/Down buttons. INFO
  NFG97 NFG-  97 Manual HF Antenna Tuner Discontinued
  XTEND EXT JST100 Board extender (15 x 2 conductors) INFO Discontinued
    EXT JST100B Board extender (22 x 2 conductors) Discontinued
#6885 JRC pullers BOARD PULL Pair of circuit board pullers. VIEW $5.98 Order

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