Kenwood TS-930S
160-10 meters 120 VAC

Kenwood TS-930SAT
160-10 meters 120 VAC
with Auto Tuner


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Kenwood TS-930S

  • 160-10 meters
  • IF Notch
  • CW Reverse
  • RIT
  • Automatic Tuner (in TS-930SAT version)
  • CW VBT
  • SSB Slope Tuning
  • Dual Noise Blankers
  • Variable AGC
  • 8 Memory Channels

The Kenwood TS-930S is a superlative, high performance, all solid-state, HF transceiver capable of operation in SSB, CW, FSK and AM modes. Coverage includes the WARC bands. The all solid-state 28 volt final amplifier runs 250 watts PEP input on USB, LSB, CW and FSK and 80 watts on AM mode. Despite a multitued of features, the controls are very ergonomic and easy to use. Operates from 120 VAC.

The Kenwood TS-930SAT features a factory installed AT-930 automatic antenna tuner.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AT-930 Internal automatic antenna tuner. INFO Discontinued
  LF-30A Low pass filter Discontinued
  MC-43S Hand mic 8 pin. [as supplied] Not in stock
  MC-60A Deluxe desk mic with preamp (8 pin). Not in stock
  MC-80 Desk mic (8 pin). Discontinued
  MC-85 Desk mic (8 pin). Discontinued
  PC-1A Phone patch. INFO Discontinued
  SM-220 Station monitor scope. INFO Discontinued
  SO-1 High stability temperature compensated crystal oscillator. Discontinued
  SP-930 Matching speaker with audio filtration. INFO Discontinued
  TL-922A Linear amp INFO Discontinued
  YG-455C1 CW Filter 500 Hz [455 kHz IF] Discontinued
  YG-455CN1 CW Filter 250 Hz [455 kHz IF] Discontinued
  YK-88A1 AM Filter 6000 Hz [8.83 MHz IF] Discontinued
  YK-88C1 CW Filter 500 Hz [8.83 MHz IF] Discontinued

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