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VHF/UHF Multimode


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Icom logoIcom 910H

  • All Mode FM/LSB/USB/CW
  • 100 Watt VHF / 75 Watt UHF
  • Continuously Variable Output
  • PC Controllable
  • Easy to use Soft Key Menus
  • Simultaneously Works Two Bands
  • Four Scanning Functions
  • CTCSS Encode/Decode Tone Scan
  • Built-in CW Keyer
  • Voice Synthesizer Option
  • DSP Option
  • 1.2 GHz Band Option

The Icom IC-910H sets the standard in amateur radio satellite radios. The IC-910H contains a full 100 watts of power on VHF, eliminating the need for an external high power amplifier for satellite uplinks. For mode-J satellites, Icom provides 75 watts of output on UHF. With dual high sensitivity DSP compatible receivers, weak signal DX and satellite communications are second to none. Optional preamplifiers for each band are available for installations requiring additional receive gain. The optional
UT-106 DSP units can be added to both bands for noise reduction and improved signal to noise ratio. The optional UT-102 unit may be added to announce the operating frequency in English or Japanese.

Packet operation has never been easier. The IC-910H contains two data sockets for simultaneous packet operation on the main and sub bands. New high-speed PLL lockup times were added to make high-speed 9600 bps packet more reliable. A transceiver modulation input limiter stops modulation anytime the input level to the radio is exceeded. ICOM also added an easy to read 3.5 inch display. Coupled with a 10-key entry pad, direct frequency or memory channel control are at your fingertips. Plus you get 328 memories (39 regular, 1 call, 6 scan edge for each band plus 10 satellite). The rear panel features an antenna input for 2 Meters [SO239] and one for 70 cm [N]. These features don't come at the expense of size, measuring only 9.5 x 3.6 x 9.5 inches and weighing 10 pounds (240x90x240 mm 4.5 kg), the IC-910H is ready for Field Day or any other portable operations that require a top notch, all mode FM/CW/SSB, VHF/UHF transceiver. Without a doubt, the IC-910H sets the standard for satellite operation. The IC-910H includes an OPC-657A DC power cable and HM-36 hand microphone. Optional RF preamps are available.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AG-25 AG-    25 Mast mounted preamp for 2 meters. Click here for specifications. Discontinued
  (AG-25) AG-    35 Mast mounted preamp for 440 MHz. Click here for specifications. Discontinued
  (AG-25) AG-1200 Mast mounted preamp for 1.2 GHz. Click here for specifications. Discontinued
  AG2400 AG-2400 2.4 GHz satellite downconverter. 2400-2402 MHz is downconverted to 144-146 MHz with >25dB gain. Click here for information. Discontinued
  CR-293 CR-293 This high stability option virtually eliminates drift. 0.5 ppm at 0C to +60C.
[Soldering required].
  CT-17 CT-17 CI-V Level Converter for connection to PC RS-232C port.
For remote transceiver control to change frequency, mode, memory channels, etc.
  filter FL-132 Filter 500 Hz CW Main Band [10.8 MHz]. Discontinued
  filter FL-133 Filter 500 Hz CW Sub Band/Satellite [10.9 MHz]. Discontinued
  HM12 HM-12 Hand mic Up-Down 8 pin Discontinued
  Icom HM36 HM-36 Hand mic [as supplied]. Discontinued
   Icom HM-219 HM-219 Hand mic [replaces HM-36]. Discontinued
  MB-5 MB-  5 Mobile mounting bracket. Discontinued
   MB-23 MB-23 Carry Handle. Discontinued
  Icom PS125 PS-125 Switching Power Supply. 25 Amp.  Discontinued
  SM-8 SM-  8 Electret condenser-type, Up/Down desktop microphone including 2 connection cables for simultaneous connection of two transceivers. Discontinued
  SM-20 SM-20 Uni-directional electret condenser-type, Up/Down desktop microphone with low cut function. Discontinued
  SP-7 SP-7 Speaker on a stand. Discontinued
  UT-102 UT-102 Voice synthesizer announces frequency and mode.   INFO. Discontinued
  UT-106 UT-106 AF DSP Unit providing noise reduction and auto notch. Discontinued
  UX-910 UX-910 1.2 GHz Module (1-10 watts).   VIEW. Discontinued
  Nifty Mini Manual MINI MANUAL Nifty spiral bound mini-manual contains 18 laminated pages [4.5 x 8 inch].   VIEW. Discontinued

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